Frequently Asked Questions

What is your maximum property limit?
The maximum amount of property we can consider is $10,000,000 or $20,000,000 split into 2 PML’s of $10,000,000 at the desk level.

What are your coastal guidelines?
We will consider properties along the coast; however, properties within 1 mile of the coast or Barnegat Bay, we will exclude the wind coverage. For properties 1 mile away to 5 miles away from the coast and Barnegat Bay we will apply a FLAT wind deductible.

How many story buildings can you write?
We will consider writing buildings up to 5 stories. Depending on construction we may consider slightly more.

How many habitational units do you need to write a risk?
We will consider properties with 5 or more habitational units. For instance we will consider 3 – 2 family dwellings all at different locations since the total number of units are 6.

Can you consider operations without prior coverage?
Yes we can consider operations that did not have prior coverage as long as they have over 3 years experience in that field.

Do you write mono-line Workers Compensation?

Do you write mono-line Commercial Auto?
No, in order to consider writing the commercial auto we need to write the supporting BOP, property or general liability portion of the account.

For Any other Questions, please do not hesitate to contact your underwriter or anyone in our office will be glad to assist you. Ineligible factors can be reviewed should you feel there are extenuating circumstances that make the risk unique in the fact that some exposures are not as severe as most.